My Services

What I Provide

Group Therapy

Group Tapping Sessions

A great way to receive the many benefits of tapping at a price that works for you!


Guided Meditations

A personal approach to observing the mind without judgment.

Private Yoga Sessions

Tune into the body with ease and comfort as you flow in a personalized space.

Yoga Pose Looking Up

Kid Sessions

Introduce your children to the art of healing to welcome in peace and ease as they grow through life

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Holding Hands

1-1 Tapping Sessions

Private EFT sessions focused on helping you live your life in a way that truly aligns with your Self.

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor

Group Meditations

Apply the mind in a conscious way as we build the collective mind.

Emotional Freedom Yoga

Integrating Tapping and Mindful Movement to calm the nervous system and provide deep release


"Just Show Up"

An intuitively led session where I hold space for you to share and release what no longer serves you.

Balancing Rocks
Family Picnic

Family Sessions

A space for the whole family to share and grow in trust and connection


Energy Readings

Find where you energy is being blocked and keeping you from living your fullest life