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"Oh it was lovely. B's yoga class was just perfection. So seamless. So restorative. I felt super in tune with my physical body throughout which is rare for me. I still can't over how B transitions us into each posture..Sooo smooth. 10/10 highly recommend."


A review to explain the Yogi B, this text box is insulting diminutive in the attempt to acquire the adequate explanation to describe the Self Awakening Journey that I have undergone with the B. The Yogi B demonstrates the lavishness of opening ones true inner aspirations to unearth true self expedition. B has shepherded me towards disentombing my own true self awakening and thus ushered me to embark on my Journey's path. Destiny awaits me.


"Just finished class. It was outstanding. Bruce absolutely loved it. Said it's his favorite class he has ever taken. Bee was so awesome with their cues. Thank you."

Andi B.

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Have I had the honor of working and/or sharing space with you in meditation, yoga class, or a private session? Please, let me know about your experience and help guide others to beginning their Self Awakening journey. 

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“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”

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